Outback SystemEdge Bundle (SKU Part Number SE-830BLU-300AFCI)

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This packages includes a 8.0 kW FLEXpower Radian with an IBR-3-48-175 battery rack and twelve BLUE+ batteries providing 28.8 kWh of nameplate energy storage. Includes 32 OBFRS-01 module level shutdown devices, an OBFRS-ESW1 shutdown switch, 1A breaker and 24V relay to shutdown the charge controllers, and two FWPV6-FH600 combiner boxes. Ideal for Back Up applications.

Pre-Bundled Solutions

Designed to represent the ultimate in energy independence. No more utility bills or power outages when the grid goes down. The SystemEdge Off Grid Series features OutBack’s FLEXpower Radian with EnergyCell XLC or NorthStar NSB BLUE+ batteries.

Product Highlights

  • Single SKU ordering convenience
  • Factory tested, pre-wired and pre-configured FLEXpower Radian
  • Eight (8) NorthStar NSB BLUE+ Batteries
  • 2-shelf Integrated Battery Rack
  • IMO FireRaptor Rapid Shutdown Kit
  • Single brand UL and NEC compliant system
  • OPTICS RE system monitoring and control


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Inventory Status Ships in 2-3 Weeks
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